Our Services at a glance

With our know-how we will guide you at all stages of the business development – from start-up consulting to financing your business idea to assisting you with changes in your company. With a perspective from the outside and knowledge and experience especially in the area of technological innovation and social entrepreneurship, we orient our consulting to the individual challenges of our clients and their teams.
Corporate Finance
Concerning the financing of your start-up or plan we will identify suitable options for you through private investors as well as public financing and funding. We will assist you with our network and the preparation of presentations and documents while we are looking for ways to finance your business via Business Angels, Venture Capital or public funds.
Corporate Strategy
Based on a comprehensive analysis we will plan and develop the overall strategic orientation of your business or specific strategies for particular business areas together. In this, our focus lies on digital strategies. We can combine strategy consulting with the strengthening of your business model and the resulting development of a business plan.
Business Coaching
During business coaching we will go all the way from the idea to the business model with you and illuminate all necessary aspects. We will gladly support you in defining and developing a concrete project idea or a concrete part of your business model and also assist you during the implementation. On an individual level we will focus on your entrepreneurial and personal potential during business coaching – for a sustainable and integrated business development.
IT Consulting
With our expertise in the area of innovative technology and ICT we will assist you in the field of IT consulting on various levels. We offer services ranging from the joint planning, controlling, and implementation of your innovative product idea to data protection or an overall organization consultancy.
Corporate Responsibility
In the area of corporate responsibility we will support you in promoting the vision of an eco-social economic order. Together we will develop a CSR strategy based on your business model or work on new social business approaches based on your ideas, to find sustainable solutions through economic actions.