Business Plan Creation

A sound business plan is the basis for decisions concerning the funding of your business. At the same time it serves as a way for you to put your business idea into concrete terms and create a foundation for the orientation of your medium-term business development.

We will work out a qualitative description of your business vision together, which will be backed with sound quantitative Data. We will combine your individual knowledge of your field and industry with our experience of the start-up industry and our comprehensive economic knowledge of technological areas. In this it is essential to orient the business plan towards the expectations of different investors, from a bank to a VC, as they differ considerably.

In connection with the creation of a business plan, the development of a product or business model is also very important. We will incorporate these into our work as required. We will at all times adapt to your experience and the existing documents, in order to work efficiently and to reach your goal as quickly as possible.

In short, our work includes

  • analyzing your existing documents
  • joint reflection and development of all aspects of the business plan
  • integrating qualitative and quantitative contents based on sound economic experience
  • orienting the business plan towards the adequate investor