Subsidy Consulting

During subsidy consulting we will identify adequate options for public funding for you. We will work out the details of the eligible project with you and develop a concrete funding request. The funding consultancy also includes assistance with the somewhat complicated ways of filing and assessment.
In the field of technology funding and business financing we specialize in ProFIT and EXIST. We also offer consulting packages for various other funding programs.

In short, our services include:

  • individual analysis of your funding potential in initial meetings
  • designing and wording funding requests professionally
  • qualified feedback concerning your requests and documents
  • assessment of projects regarding their level of innovation
  • for most of our services you can request consultancy grants

The specific funding programs

This is a selection from our funding portfolio, which focuses primarily on technologically oriented businesses:

  • ProFIT project funding
  • Horizon 2020 project funding
  • EXIST start-up grants
  • EXIST research transfer
  • Design Transfer Bonus
  • Innovation assistance
  • Program for internationalization
  • BAFA consultancy subsidies
  • INVEST – grant for venture capital