Business Model Development

Developing a sustainable business model, which orients itself towards the right target group, is essential to every company. Within business model development we will reflect on existing models and ideas with you and develop a strategy to enhance or renew your current business model based on our experience. With the help of various tools like the “Business Model Canvas” we can analyze and, if necessary, adjust your business model in a very short period of time. We will show you how you can test different models using techniques like “Rapid Prototyping” quickly and effectively and in doing so save time and investment capital. If needed, we will also gladly take on an in-depth market research for you.

In short, our services include

  • general evaluation of your current business model
  • in-depth analysis of state of the market in your segment
  • joint reflection on your current business model using various tools
  • development of a new business model based on all previous steps
  • quick tests and, if necessary, readjustment of your model through “Rapid Prototyping”
  • follow-up work/KPI Monitoring for a lasting, functioning business idea
  • taking as much work off your hands as is possible, but also reasonable
Over the course of our work it is very important to us to find a sustainable and in the long run successful business model for your company.