Project Coaching

We at BerlinerStrategen consider coaching to mean assisting teams and projects continuously while enhancing their efficiency. At its core, this consists of retrospectively examining results, developing and preparing initiatives and goals as well as gradually enhancing everyone’s skills. The goal during project coaching will be to speed up the business development and the project’s progress with our perspective from the outside using our external knowledge and our experience.

The three components of a coaching session

We define coaching as the interaction of three aspects: Assessment means retrospectively reflecting on results; the goal is to gradually enhance your productivity, motivation and resistance to errors as well as identifying need for improvement. Challenge takes up this need and combines it with the inspiration to seize opportunities and implement initiatives. Support focuses on specialized training for e.g. management or leadership skills so that every single person can reach their goals.

In short, our work includes

  • finding strategies: developing and examining goals and priorities
  • orientation: assessing situations from a neutral standpoint
  • decision making
  • reflection and feedback
  • conflict and crisis management
  • training: preparing pitches and negotiations with investors, banks, cooperators and buyers
  • inspiration: encouraging initiatives and taking advantages of opportunities