Founder Coaching

Founders with little or no experience find themselves facing a multitude of new challenges every day. During our founder coaching we will support you in economic, financial and organizational matters concerning your business idea or young start-up. Before the coaching begins, we will analyze your individual needs in initial meetings. While doing so we will focus on the separate business areas, such as the (further) development of your business plan and finance and funding questions, and consider all partial aspects in the context of the bigger picture.

What we mean by coaching

Our coaching is comprised of four central aspects: Reflection, knowledge, evaluation and individual experience. Through our joint reflection you will gain foresight and we will point out new viewpoints. Our knowledge will help you make the right business decisions quickly. At the same time we will evaluate all possible courses of action together. This is based on the combination of our knowledge of your field and individual business as well as our experience.

In short, our work includes

  • individual analysis of your coaching needs in initial meetings
  • focusing on partial aspects without losing sight of the bigger picture
  • reflecting on possible courses of action and developing recommendations
  • conveying sound technological and economic know-how
We will gladly support you in filing for consultancy subsidies from the program Gr├╝ndercoaching Deutschland of the KfW or the BAFA.