Private Finance

In the area of private finance we work together with our clients to develop a strategy for sensible and goal oriented corporate financing. In initial meetings we will analyze your current requirements situation for the adequate financing of your plans. We can manage the process, offer know-how as well as an evaluation and thereby help you identify and evaluate the correct capital mix for your project. We will actively approach adequate partners, e.g. business angels or VCs (corporate as well as classic), with the necessary documents (such as pitch decks). As the process continues we will be your immediate sparring partners for example in negotiations and concerning due diligence. It is particularly important to us throughout the whole process of capital acquisition to generate added value for you, which goes beyond mere mediation work.

In short, our services include:

  • general evaluation of the capital requirement in initial meetings
  • development of a fitting financing strategy, possibly combined with funding programs
  • preparation and mediation of investor meetings
  • individual support at investor meetings
  • sparring partners in negotiations and due diligence
  • follow-up work for effective reporting



Specific financing possibilities

This is a selection of our finance portfolio and focuses primarily on technologically oriented businesses:

  • Business Angels
  • Venture Capital fonds / investment companies
  • Crowdfunding / Crowdinvesting
  • BerlinerStrategen network / multipliers