Our Team

Our team thrives on its diverse characters. Technological know-how and economic expertise are firmly established in our company. Furthermore, practical relevance is very important to us and we can incorporate our own start-up experience. Our staff’s qualifications go beyond the bounds of the start-up industry. Accordingly, the BerlinerStrategen are characterized by individually gained perspective as well as a common interest in foresight, new ideas and breaking new ground with our clients.
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Portrait - Tilman Süss Round circle surrounding portraits

Tilman Süss

Managing Director, Coach and Consultant
Technical studies in Berlin and London in addition to an early affinity have provided Tilman with an in-depth understanding of digital media. Various start-ups and digital projects eventually led to him founding the BerlinerStrategen in 2011. Apart from managing director he is now Business Angel, consultant for business strategy and financial matters as well as management coach and lecturer. As recommended lead coach for Berlin’s universities he does not only advise businesses, but also scientific teams and spin-offs. Besides that, he volunteers as mentor, jury member and consultant.
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Portrait - Oliver Hasse Round circle surrounding portraits

Oliver Hasse

Managing Director, Consultant
With more than 15 years of experience in the private and public sectors, Oliver’s key areas of expertise include corporate, business and product strategy, finance and strategic business development for technology-driven companies. Prior to his current role, Oliver advised clients on these topics as a senior manager with a major international consulting firm. Oliver also has significant expertise in the public sector, having worked with both the EU, the German Bundestag as well as several governments. Besides his professional roles, Oliver is member of the Alumni Council of the ESMT, member of the Freunde der Pinakothek der Moderne e.V. and, since 2011, acts as a mentor to start-up companies.
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Portrait - Robert Sternberg-Raasch Round circle surrounding portraits

Robert Sternberg-Raasch

Corporate Finance Consultant
Robert has extensive experience in Corporate Finance and international credit matters of large financial institutions. His career includes a number of credentials and awards of recognised international magazines in areas of structured commodity trade finance, including TFR Deal of the year 2012. Already during his studies of international business administrations in Frankfurt and Hawaii, Robert founded the first companies and gathered experience in self-organised IPOs. With regards to BerlinerStrategen, Robert is drafting grants and support application for start-ups and consults our customers on corporate finance matters and contractual drafting.
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Portrait - Mathias Dumke Round circle surrounding portraits

Mathias Dumke

Corporate Finance Analyst
Mathias has gained a comprehensive knowledge of financial and accounting issues after having graduated in business administration and having worked several years for an internationally orientated Berlin tax consultancy. Due to the broad fiscal assistance provided for several Berlin based start-ups he became familiar with the Berlin start-up scene. At BerlinerStrategen Mathias assists clients with the preparation of business plans, grant applications and further business management issues.
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Portrait - Britt Perlick Round circle surrounding portraits

Britt Perlick

Consultant Education / Public Sector
Having worked many years for the start-up promoting programmes at Freie Universität Berlin and being responsible for setting up sales structures for the companies of young founders, Britt gained a sufficient knowledge in the Organisational Consultancy. In addition to her in-depth knowledge in start-up project evaluation and innovations, she is also very confident with organization and implementation of workshops on the subject of business formation. In accordance with her skills and methodologial expertise in the field of developing the business models and ideas, Britt supports Berliner Strategen in accomplishing the workshops for the start- ups, established companies and universities. Moreover, she offers business and management coaching and will be in charge of creating the new event concepts.
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Portrait - Thomas Dünwald Round circle surrounding portraits

Thomas Dünwald

Junior Consultant
Thomas is our leading expert in environmental protection and ecology. During his time as a student of geography, urban planning, and environmental management Thomas could also already gain significant experience in the field of international and intercultural cooperation as he took part in workshops, excursions and research trips in Southeast Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, and the US. After completing his master’s, he worked at the Delegation of German Industry and Commerce in Nairobi. At BerlinerStrategen Thomas works at our development aid, environmental protection, and education projects.
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Portrait - Inga Markwart Round circle surrounding portraits

Inga Markwart

Project Development
Inga supports BerlinerStrategists using her experience in the initiation of partnerships between German companies and SMEs in emerging markets, with a focus on the Post-Soviet countries. She is aware of the challenges that young companies face in this region and knows the potential of such partnerships for German companies. As a project manager in the Manager Training Program of the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology, she initiated contacts between foreign and German SMEs and trained foreign managers, e.g., in project management and intercultural communication. Most recently, as an Integrated Expert of GIZ GmbH, she founded the German Business Association (DWV) in Armenia according to AHK standards and consulted German companies on how to enter the Armenian market. Inga gained profound experience in the field of international cooperation and is familiar with tendering and project proposal practices of different international organizations. Currently, she is consulting a GIZ project on the establishment of an Industrial Zone for Syrian-Armenian entrepreneurs in the Armenian capital Yerevan. As a freelancer, she has been supporting the BerlinStrategists since September 2017 in development and implementation of international projects.
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Portrait - Christian Schellenberger Round circle surrounding portraits

Christian Schellenberger

Freelancer and Consultant
Christian has worked in the areas internet/IT and mobile services for over 15 years. He combines his excellent know-how in the world of digital innovations with corresponding entrepreneurial experience. As a consultant he gained extensive skills working at Amaze, Pro7 Digital Media, Skanska AG and many more as well as various start-ups, which he supported not only with his expertise, but also the strategic business structure. Christian works as freelancer, mentor, juror and consultant and supports social businesses.
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Portrait - Mirko Roloff-Oestergaard Round circle surrounding portraits

Mirko Roloff-Oestergaard

Marketing Consultant and Coach
Mirko is at home both online and offline. As he has a degree in economics, he is characterized by a wide range of experiences in the area dialogue marketing and distribution at well-known companies. When he gives lectures at Berlin universities, he conveys his integrated knowledge of communications. Additionally, Mirko is owner of and coach at one of the best sailing schools in Berlin. At BerlinerStrategen he supports founders and young enterprises as a consultant and coach for marketing strategies on their way from product to a successful market launch.
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Portrait - Julian Grevesmühl Round circle surrounding portraits

Julian Grevesmühl

Student Employee
Julian is studying chemistry and economics at the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster and supports our team as a working student
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Portrait - Joerg Geier Round circle surrounding portraits

Joerg Geier

Investor Relations
With an MBA in e-Commerce (Golden Gate University, San Francisco) and intl. expertise in the development of global markets for clean technologies, Joerg identifies and furthers synergies between science and a sustainable economy on behalf of the Borderstep Institute. He builds bridges between ideas and capital in Germany and California, which includes the LA Cleantech Incubator’s Network for Global Innovation. Joerg is a member of various selection committees for start-up competitions (e.g., Energy Academy and Big Ideas@Berkeley). At BerlinerStrategen he uses his skills in the area of investor support and impact investing to evaluate and develop technological innovation strategies.
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Portrait - Jördis Brankatschk Round circle surrounding portraits

Jördis Brankatschk

Finance Operations Consultant
Jördis has worked in various start-ups for many years and brings extensive experience in finance, accounting, and the start-up scene to our team. As a consultant for finance operations at BerlinerStrategen, Jördis assists our management in all matters concerning accounting and building finance processes.